How to catch a cheating wife on facebook

Pay for an online background check. Method 5. Determine if you are the type of person who should hire a private investigator. Certain personality types are better off leaving this type of work to a professional. You might think about letting someone else check on your partner if you have some of the following qualities: you are emotionally insecure; you are a naturally jealous person; you are paranoid; you have an overactive imagination; or you tend to overreact in certain situations. Hire a professional service to observe your spouse online and in person. Make sure you hire a licensed private investigator who practices within the bounds of the law.

If you need to go to court with evidence gathered by this investigator, the evidence needs to be admissible in court.

2. A second phone

This may be particularly important if evidence is gathered from online surveillance; laws around electronic privacy can be convoluted, and a private investigator may have more experience with and understanding of these laws. A professional will also provide impartial observations, which can help you make an educated decision about your next steps. Be ready to pay. Also consider how you want to pay for this service. Do you need to keep it a secret? Lower your expenses by doing some of the investigation yourself.

Gather some of the information about your partner's activities online, such as monitoring internet history or checking email first. Give the investigator basic facts and background information, which will enable them to spend less time figuring this out and more time getting to the root of the problem. Method 6. Confront your spouse to see if they are cheating on you. One of the most straightforward ways to determine if someone is cheating is to ask them directly. Not everyone will come clean, however, and they may continue telling lies. Spying on them online may contribute to hostile feelings between the two of you and may further weaken any trust that still exists.

Choose a good time to have a conversation. Try to choose a time when you can both be available and able to devote time to the conversation. You may want to ambush your partner in the act, but this might not be the most productive route. Do not be aggressive or accusatory with your questions. Approaching the conversation in a serious yet calm manner may result in a more honest conversation than if you are aggressive, demanding where your partner has been or who they have been with.

Suggest to your partner that you see a marriage counselor together. Be patient with your partner through this process, particularly if they have admitted cheating on you. If you are committed to making the relationship work, you will need to both be open to forgiveness and compromise. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Be sure to fully understand how your state treats electronic surveillance and wiretapping listening in on conversations, recorded in person or over the phone before embarking on this type of activity.

Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X If you want to catch someone you suspect is cheating online, start by observing their behavior. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. About This Article. She says, her boyfriend apologised. Catching a cheating woman is not the easiest of tasks. Like a clumsy bear, men always leave behind trails of their infidelity; scented perfume and lipstick on shirts, lodging receipts in pockets, naughty text messages, sent Mpesa messages and what not.

Unfortunately, women don't.

1: How can Facebook Messenger expose a Cheater?

They don't. The good people at National Intelligence may boast all they want about how they are on top of things; how they know all the top secrets Kenyans keep, and how snoopy and fantastic they are at busting all sorts of clandestine activities, but they just can't bust a cheating woman! Most women who cheat on their boyfriends or husbands do not do so necessarily because they feel less loved or are unhappy. Most cheat just because they have boring bedroom lives. Most are 'happily' married, but never happy in their bedrooms. Little wonder then, that, they stay put and cheat and never file for divorce or separation.

To catch a cheating woman one has to narrow down to certain times of her monthly menstrual cycle. If asked, most women might confess that indeed at certain times of the month they are always tempted to cheat. Women interviewed in this report, whose names we have changed to protect their innocence, make shocking confessions. Hear her: "At times those hormones make some women act crazy. It is just that most of us suppress the urge. However, some women who lack control end up succumbing to temptations.

Because, to some women, this cheating window comes with wildness that one can never wish away. Is this hormone theory partly an explanation for strange concepts such as one 'night stands' and 'flings'? Where by a woman not of loose morals or easy virtues per se , probably during her cheating window, meets a perfect stranger, say at a party, who tickles her fancy, and hey presto, they end up engaging in a gland to gland combat. Food for thought.

But you can't blame us.

1: How can Facebook Messenger expose a Cheater?

It is our biological make up, but at least most of us have control," chuckles Kate. She adds that at times hormones go overboard so much that any man who presses the right buttons becomes fair game. This perhaps explains those strange scandalous tales of descent women cheating with very unlikely, and lowly characters such as watchmen, houseboys, men young enough to be their sons or even distant relatives. To catch a cheating wife, then, all a man needs to do is study and cram his woman's menstrual cycle and keenly observe how she behaves during the cheating window.

We have discovered that during their fertile days, women likely to stray require very little or at times no incentive to cheat. And seeing as they probably finds their men boring or are the types to ration conjugal rights, as a man when they make advances at her during that cheating window and she starts whining about how she has a 'headache', its very likely she has cheated! To see whether or not your wife is on a dating site looking for sex, all you need to do is create your own profile and then browse the profiles of married women who are looking for affairs; if her picture appears then she is either planning to cheat on you or is actively cheating on you.

Your lover may be meeting a lover secretly because she is lonely or bored. Reasons that women participate in long-distance affairs are: They don't really want to have an affair, but they are bored and prefer a virtual experience because it is one that doesn't really matter. Your wife may have met her lover while on holiday. She is online constantly, chatting with someone. A woman embroiled in a long distance affair is always texting.

If she is on Facebook check out 1. If she is on Facebook, see if she posts lots of pictures of romantic holiday destinations. If she is always posting pictures of exotic destinations it might be for the benefit of a lover she has met while on holiday. If you suspect she is cheating with a stranger, check out 2. She seems to take out her frustrations on you. She talks about subjects, places, and people that have nothing to do with your life together. If her photos and reference points suddenly seem unfamiliar or foreign then she might be seeing someone from another country.

You discover long distance telephone bill charges. You find receipts for travel and hotels that you cannot explain. You might discover photos of her on a holiday that she has never shown you. She is always going on a business trip or a trip with the girls. She dresses differently, as if from a different city or culture. The place where she conducts chats online looks a bit like a movie set. Sometimes the woman is traveling to see an ex-boyfriend who she slept with when she was younger; you might be able to find clues about this by checking into her history on Facebook.

A combination of sun, sand, and cocktails can create the perfect situation for an extra-marital fling. She has trouble answering the simple question "How was your trip? She seems very nervous around you like she has done something naughty behind your back. She won't undress in front of you when she gets back from her trip. If she is suddenly online a lot and texting it could mean she is telling a lover how much she misses him. If she suddenly has a very attentive new friend on Facebook it might be the adulterer from her vacation. If you suspect she was cheating, and she uses a camera, steal it check out the photos in her gallery; the same can be done with a cell phone if you know her password.

If you find photos of her in a place she never told you she went then she might be having an affair with someone she met on holiday. Your house is as neat as a pin when you get back.

How To Catch Cheating On Facebook - Girlfriend Tracker Apps

There are brand new sheets on your marital bed. She seems distressed if you tell her you are returning home early. She treats you like a King when you get back, pampering you and making your favorite meals. She may avoid questions about what she did when she was away. She doesn't answer texts or calls while you are at work. A man shows up at your house with flowers or a gift and says, "Sorry, wrong house". She insists on knowing your schedule way ahead of time. You suggest you go to an event or restaurant and it is evident she has been there before.

Your Netflix settings have changed. If you want to shake up any routine you suspect your wife might be having with a lover, shake up your schedule and be less predictable; return early from work and surprise her with constant changes in schedule that make it difficult for the two of them to meet. A married woman cheats with a married man because: She feels she is not getting enough sex from you and feels that it is healthy to have regular intercourse.

Jealousy may drive your wife to have an affair with a married man. She might be quieter than usual, sadder or be keeping to herself. She appears to be dressed up for no reason sometimes. A friend tells you that she was seen with someone else. The gossips in your neighborhood might have the information you are looking for with regards to any extra-marital hanky-panky. She is possessive or territorial with her phone and laptop.

She insists on having her own cell phone number with her own provider. If she is always talking on her her own cell phone alone it might be to a married man. You receive mysterious calls to your home. Consider installing a GPS tracker on her vehicle to track her whereabouts during the day. A woman will cheat with her boss to: Get favors, raises, and promotions at work. She may not be meeting her boss after hours for the reasons that you think.

She is always taking business trips. That business trip she is taking may be partly for pleasure. She seems to have a lot of trouble at work. One of her colleagues tell you that she is cheating with her boss. She is suddenly looking for a new job. She may be online constantly and tell you that she is working when in reality she is communicating with her boss.

She gets a sudden big promotion or a raise. Browse through some of the other Signs of Cheating and Tips and Tricks in the above articles. This is one situation where it is crucial for you to check up on her by giving her a call at work to see. It seems incredible that someone's best friend would cheat on him with his wife but here are some reasons that this happens: He may perceive you as neglecting her and therefore somehow think he is doing you a favor, in a twisted way, by satisfying her sexual appetite in ways that you can't. Is your wife having an affair with the best man at your wedding?

You work a lot she misses you and you are a lot like him. She may pretend to hate your best friend or not get along with him. She avoids inviting him over for dinner or to an event at your home. When she hears your best friend is coming over, she may dress up a little.

If she dresses sexy when your best friend comes over to hang out, there might be something going on behind your back. Take a look through some of the other Signs of Cheating and Tips and Tricks in the above articles as many of the behaviors described that might apply to the situation. If she is overly attached to her cellphone and secretive about using it, then she could be meeting a friend of yours on the side. If you suspect that your wife is cheating with your best friend, go to the trouble of putting them in the same room as often as possible.

As you are already intimate with both people, you might be able to intuitively detect subtle changes in their behaviors that indicate they are cheating on you with each other. Sex addiction and alcoholism often go hand-in-hand when it comes to infidelity. Here are some of the reasons a woman will cheat with an ex: She is nostalgic for the good old days and wants to revisit them. That affair with her ex could be taking place right under her nose. She is friends with him on Facebook. She refuses to discuss him with you. She may talk about him all of the time and relates stories about the past.

She may start dressing like she did when she was with him. If they have kids she may use them as an excuse to visit with him. He has broken up with his current wife, and she is acting as a therapist. Women who chat extensively with their exes might be cheating on you.

Sometimes it is a better idea to confront the ex, rather than your wife, to reestablish healthy emotional boundaries; this can stop an affair or prevent it from starting in the first place. If your wife is out meeting her high school's sweetheart or an ex, set a curfew for what time she should be home.

A woman might cheat with a high school sweetheart to: Experience the same type of erotic charge with him that she did when she was younger. You might catch her looking at old photos of the two of them as a couple.

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You catch them flirting and reminiscing on social media. Check out the section of this article Signs That She is cheating on an ex because technically that is what a high school sweetheart is. If she insists on meeting her ex, insist that you come along or that he visits the two of you at his home. Is your neighbor showing off his body to your wife or even having an affair with her? There are quite a few reasons why a wife might cheat with the next-door neighbor: If you just have to go next door for an illicit fling, then it becomes very convenient.

Here are the signs that your wife has something going on with a neighbor:. She might be spending more time hanging out in the backyard wearing a sexy bikini. If she is wearing very little while your neighbor is around she might be showing off for him. She refuses to have him and his girlfriend or wife over to socialize. They seem to spend a lot of time with each other. If your neighbor is helping your wife with the chores or spending a lot of time with her they might be having an affair.

Tell her that you intend to move the both of you to a new city soon and check her reaction. If you know that your neighbor is cheating it can help to have a word with him about "good fences making good neighbors and that you expect him to respect the fact that you are married. Affairs with coworkers often happen in public places.

Your wife might be having an affair with a coworker: To get the inside edge at work. Many women in the workplace use their sexuality as a way of getting information and promotions at work. Her cheating may have very little to do with you and more about being on the inside track and making more money. She rushes off to work early in the morning and comes up late at night, and you hardly see her at all. Tell her you are moving the two of you to another city and that she has to quit her job. That scarf that she is wearing might be concealing hickeys from an affair. Pop by her work more often to check out the scene and how she conducts herself with male employees; you may even be able to catch the two of them in the act.

If you pop into her work at lunch hour or at the local happy hour you might be able to catch her flirting with a coworker. A chef is often a bit of a trophy catch for a woman. She might cheat with a chef because: If she is a sensual individual she may merely see him as being someone who can bring her the good things in life and make her feel like she is living a wonderful lifestyle. A woman cheating with a chef will spend a lot of time at his restaurant. She may become a bit more of a food snob and refuse to go out to her former favorite places you.

The romantic places that you used to go out together may no longer hold an appeal for her. She may post a lot of pictures of herself at his restaurant on her Facebook page. A wife that is fooling around with a chef, or thinking about it, probably needs a little more romance and culinary adventure in her life, so be sure to woo her by taking her out to dinner. She might be finding a secret affair with a member of law enforcement to be exciting. Your woman may have a fetish for a "man in a uniform. If she has a fetish for firemen she might be cheating with one.

She has a police radio or listens to the police radio on her computer. If there is a charity car wash, fundraiser or ball where firemen are, she is there. Whenever there is news of a disaster or fire on the radio or television she is very attentive. She has unaccounted disappearance and at weird hours.

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  • If you suspect that she feels rescued by a cheating relationship with a fireman, paramedic or cop you might want to sit down and take a look at the relationship with you as that is the situation she needs rescuing from and then try to fix it. Most personal trainers are life coaches who get to know their clients well and intimacy can grow between two people that are often discussing such personal matters as health, weight loss and personal problems holding them back.

    After having no interest in going to the gym for years, she is suddenly there all the time. It is easy enough to pop by the gym to see if her wife is where she says she is with this trainer. If she is bored, she might go for a risky, dangerous person who can provide her with a thrill outside of the marriage. She starts dressing a lot younger, like a groupie or a hipster. She comes home with gifts such as a painting or guitar pick. She comes home really late at night. Surprise your wife with the awareness of an affair with an artist by buying a piece of his art without her knowledge and hang it in the living room, then study her reaction.

    Make sure you go with her to any art openings or performances to make your presence well known to your rival. Photographers are often considered to be trophy men by other women, and your wife may be trying to impress her friends: It is flattering to think that a photographer wants you to be his unique model.

    She is always dressed like she is going to have her photograph taken. You notice she has acquired sexy new lingerie. She is always buying new make-up. If she is suddenly wearing a lot more make-up she might be dating an artist or a photographer. She is posting her own arty looking photographs on Facebook. She has joined www. Her new hobby as a photographer consumes all of her time. Have a private investigator take a few pictures of her by having her followed to an exhibition or art opening where you suspect she might be meeting her lover.

    A woman cheats with a wealthier man because: She may be looking or a Sugar Daddy. Some women are very turned on by a man who gives her shopping money or buys her ex. Signs that your wife is having an affair with a man who makes a lot of money are:. She starts dressing like she is a member of the upper classes. She might be wearing new jewelry, and it might look expensive.

    If he is famous you might start seeing pictures of him with her in the newspaper or on social media. She leaves her house without her wedding ring. If the wealthy man is married, contact him and tell him you know what is going or that you will tell his wife; most rich married couples are very status conscious and do not relish the idea of being embarrassed in public. Women cheat with younger men because: It's a cool thing to have a younger trophy boyfriend that you can talk about with your girlfriends.

    Some women treat younger men as sex objects and have affairs with them. She has a profile up on cougarlife. She is suddenly into skateboarding, rock climbing, and other youthful sports. She might start dressing like someone half her age.

    How to Catch Someone Cheating on Facebook (% Works!)

    Her bank account seems to be a little emptier than usual. She might seem stoned or a little high. Rather than confront your wife about this, it might be best to wait until you have more information. She will soon get tired of talking about the New Star Trek and want to talk about watching Seinfeld with you again.

    Sometimes the affair is with another woman. She feels she is getting even with you for cheating with a woman. She seems very, very close to one particular woman and spends all of her time with her. She is very secretive socially and posts very little on social media. She avoids all sexual contact with you. If you do have sex she seems listless and unsatisfied. Sexuality is a complicated issue for many people to address and it is best not to force a woman who is genuinely lesbian to be with you if she has decided to "come out"; it is best to accept her revelation and move on.

    Flirtation is everything for a woman who is meeting with a lover on the sly; she may be enhancing her appearance to make their rendezvous' more exciting. Wearing a lot of makeup can indicate a cheating woman, especially if she never usually wears it. She has got a new haircut, and it is a bit hipper and sexier looking than the 'do she has been sporting for years; that might be an attempt to keep the attention of another man.

    Top 5 Ways To Catch A Cheater

    She is wearing more makeup than she ever has, especially eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick, even when she claims to be going out to do mundane errands or shopping. She has lost a lot of weight and has bought a whole new wardrobe; this could mean she is changing her image to a hotter one to keep a lover interested. Her skirts are shorter, and her tops are more low-cut; showing more skin is an indication she might be trying to catch the eye of someone else.

    She is wearing higher heels, which shows off her calves, but you have known her to wear sweatpants and running shoes mostly. If she is suddenly wearing higher and sexier heels she could be cheating. You look in her underwear drawer, and you see that she is the owner of all kinds of sexy lingerie that she has never worn to attract or impress you such as high cut thong panties, push up bras, garter belts, and sexy nylons.

    She is suddenly balder in the nether regions, which expresses a desire to look better nude. She has gotten plastic surgery to improve her body, but the new breasts, thinner waist or facelift she has gotten is nothing that you would ever suggest to her. She seems happier, and her skin is glowing as if she has sex every day, and you are not the one having sex with her every day, then it could mean she is cheating.

    Top 5 Ways To Catch A Cheater

    If she is older, she might be taking bio-identical hormones, which for a menopausal or peri-menopausal partner, extends interest in sex as well as improve a woman's appearance. Situation According to Your Gut Feeling. With no proof, trying to figure out if your wife is cheating can be perplexing.

    Nobody knows your wife better than you and intimacy over the years builds up an intuitive connection that sends you alarm bells when something subtly changes. You feel blown off or ignored, but you are not sure why you think like that. When you are with her, you feel somehow that she is not quite there for you mentally or emotionally; she may be acknowledging you but might not be engaging with you in subtle ways.

    She has changed the way she relates to you physically and does not hold your hand or pet or kiss you as much as she did before.