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In this post, we highlight some helpful tips for you to know exactly what to do in the event your iPhone in this case, the iPhone 6s device is missing or snatched.

This means you have to configure certain features ahead of time. Activation Lock system is automatically activated when Find My iPhone is enabled on your iPhone 6s as well as on other devices using iOS 7 or later version. Once this feature is activated, your Apple ID and password will be required before anyone can disable Find My iPhone on your device, erase your device, or reactivate and use your device.

By then, the system will require the correct password for the registered Apple ID account before anyone can disable Find My iPhone on your device.

You Snooze, You Lose: Time To Get The Most Money For Your iPhone

The following steps will help you through it. If prompted to sign in, enter your Apple ID. When Send Last Location is turned on, your device location should it ever be lost or stolen is sent to Apple server automatically, especially if the battery charge level on your device becomes critically low. This way you will know the last location of your device with Find My iPhone, before it ran out of charge.

What Can FlexiSPY's iPhone Spy Software Do?

With this feature enabled, finding any member of your family is made a lot easier. As requisite to use this feature, each family member needs to set up their devices and computers to share their locations with other family members.

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Any device associated with that Family Sharing account can be traced. The maximum number of family members who can be included in and utilize Family Sharing is six. One family member will serve as the family organizer, who invites up to five more family members to join the family group.

Support for the iPhone 6 range will be discontinued with the release of iOS These prices are as good as they are going to get, with demand from merchants soon to drop significantly. If you are determined to buy one of the new iterations of the iPhone either an upgraded model or the newest model in the series , then ensure that you carry out the following steps:. The Mara Group have just become the first African smartphone manufacturer, having just released two new devices, the Mara X and the Mara Z.

The Google Pixel 4 series has officially been launched, and we will be telling you about all the features that Google are offering.

Here’s Why iOS 13 Makes Me Want an iPhone

This International E-Waste Day, we discuss the importance of tackling e-waste on an individual level by sharing a few mindful practices to help you to close the loop. First, a Graph! Overall Trends The graph above illustrates that the value of iPhones generally depreciates over time, with most of the depreciation from the original retail price occurring within the first year of ownership. The data that we have analysed discloses more about what happens to iPhone resale prices: The largest drops occur as new phones are released or just prior to release.

iOS 13 Find My App: How to Track Your iPhone or Friends

Prices drop slightly after the announcement, then significantly after the release. There is a dip in June and July, then an uplift in offer prices for most iPhones in August every year. Plus and Max models are holding their value much better than basic models, including the smaller capacity models. The higher capacity models have increased with the most recent uplift by a greater percentage than the lower capacity models. During the second-year post-release, devices reach a plateau and depreciate much slower than during the years before and after.

Wrap up If you are determined to buy one of the new iterations of the iPhone either an upgraded model or the newest model in the series , then ensure that you carry out the following steps: Lock in a price before the announcement to ensure a high trade-in price. If you are looking to trade in your iPhone, then in August demand will be at its highest and recyclers will be willing to pay extra for a working mobile in good condition.

For those of you who tend to upgrade year after year, you ought to choose a lower capacity version as the depreciation tends to be lower. If you are going to keep your current iPhone for longer, what we have concluded from the data is that the higher capacity models retain their value a lot more effectively. Learn more about Apple Card.

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