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Step 1 — On the start bar click the magnifying glass shown in the red box below. Step 3 — Select Camera — window store app shown in the red box below. Once we have some confidence that the camera is working, we can then proceed with the installation. Step 1 — Navigate to the ispy website and download the latest software. Step 2 — When the file is downloaded, this will be in zip format. Step 4 — This will only take a few seconds.

Once complete the extracted file will be displayed. Now the file is in a suitable format to run.

Therefore double-click the file to start the installation process. Step 5 — It varies from computer to computer but you might get a security prompt. Step 8 — After a short while, the program will be installed. To get stuck in and start the spying fun click Launch. Step 9 — As we will discuss later, it is possible to control the software remotely.

If you just wish the traffic to be contained to your personal laptop, just ensure the top tick box is selected.

Step 1 — To use the webcam then select the Add menu and then Local Camera. To start the webcam you simply need to click Ok and the webcam will start working. You might be surprised to see it working straight away. Now the camera is working, the next step is to turn your attention to the microphone. Click the box and a pop up will appear again, as displayed below. Ensure New is selected and click the arrows to proceed with the configuration. The primary reason for this is to check for lighting. I personally found when I set up the laptop on the desk, the room was very dark in the corner and when I played back the footage I was unable to distinguish faces.

As you will see below, the pure volume of options is eye-watering from the format of the files to limiting the CPU. The allows you to connect to the webcam remotely to see what is going on without having to wait until you get home to check the hard drive. This is particularly important for to a burglary.

If your house is burgled then there is a strong chance they will take the laptop which could have all the much-needed footage.

QuasarRAT - The Best Windows RAT? - Remote Administration Tool for Windows

As a footnote, this software does have cloud support so this in another way to avoid losing footage. An open laptop especially if it is turned on is going to raise suspicion. There have been lots of articles in the news relating to hacked webcams so people know they are there. This one simple advantage might be enough to sway you and to discount all the cons. That said, the ispy software is very versatile and allows you to take full advantage of the built-in spy camera. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. FAQ Answers. Colin , 11 months ago 7 min read. As Spy Cameras popularity increases more and more people want to set up and use one.

However what if money is tight?

One option is to use an old android phone as an Android Spy Camera. Another option is to turn your WebCam into a Spy Camera. And the best thing……. What is the best software?

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I found the best software to be ispy. This software is easy to install and use. Also, it has a lot of configuration options. What equipment do I need? All you need is a windows computer. Undoubtedly you will already have this, if not it will be auto-installed. How to test your built-in webcam If like me, you have a built-in webcam but have never used it, you might want to first test this before starting the installation.

The example below uses Windows You should now see yourself. Step by step guide to installing ispy Step 1 — Navigate to the ispy website and download the latest software. To run this and install it on your computer you need to extract the file. Step 3 — This will start the extraction process.


The software is billed for use in home security, office surveillance, nanny cams, work monitoring, ghost hunting and UFO spotting, pet monitoring, staff monitoring and machinery watching, among others. Pros of iSpy. The software is completely free to download and use, as it's open source, but users can choose to donate on the website. Subscriptions can be paid via PayPal and cancelled at any time. Cons of iSpy. The iSpy website is loaded with questionable quality advertisements, which may say something about the quality of the people behind the software or the software itself.

Desktop version of the software is only compatible with or bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 or above. The latest version is not compatible with Windows XP or Vista, and users of those operating systems must download an older version of the iSpy software.

Accessing cameras remotely via the web requires a paid subscription which starts at 7. Features of iSpy. A comprehensive user guide is available on the Spy website but beware of low quality advertisements on the page.

iSpy Alternatives & Reviews

An enormous library of plugins is available for a user to browse and download on the iSpy Reviews. Surveillance is important for security for both homeowners and business owners. Today, advances in wireless technology has made installation of video security systems easier than ever. There's no need for costly installations: It's completely possible to install and configure a home or business security system without a contractor. For even more cost-saving security functionality, consider iSpy, a free and open source software solution for viewing and controlling an enormous variety of cameras.

The software allows the user to view security cameras from the web using any internet browser. One can also view the connected cameras through a mobile device. Feel free to submit your own opinion on iSpy! Share your opinion on iSpy. Email will not be published. Your Opinion. Submit Your Review.

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In total, that's a combined rating of 4. New: our editorial list of additional articles. Reviews Worlds leading motion detection, recording and alerting software. User Ratings. This project does not allow reviews to be posted. Source : sourceforge. Alternative Software similar to iSpy. Free to download programs that can replace or work as iSpy alternatives. Source : www. Reviews These are some of the best security camera software for PC and some of While it doesn't have the fancy features that iSpy provides, it's a lot easier to.